Southern Africa – Day 44 – Klein-Aus Vista, Namibia

Due to the expected wind, today, we abandoned plans to go to the ghost town, Kolmanskop. Couldn’t bear another sand blown day! We thought about going to see if we could find the wild horses of Aus, at sunrise, but decided to have a much needed sleep-in instead.

So after a slow start, to the day, I decided to catch up on some laundry. Unfortunately, we set up the clothesline next to the wooden windbreak, which was very dirty from the dust. So I had to redo half the laundry again!

After lunch we went up to the bar, which is 2 km from the campsite, to use the wifi, and have some refreshments.

This turned out to be quite entertaining, as our Namibian bar tender, Eve, has never flown before, or had much concept of the distances to be traveled from Australia to Namibia. Eve thought there would be sign posts to help the pilots fly from country to country. It’s amazing how some of the things, and concepts, that we take for granted, are so alien to them even now.

Four and half hours of entertaining conversation, 7 stein glasses of Hanus Beer, 2 Rum & cokes, a coke and a Fanta. All for the grand total of $26. A good afternoon.

We then, decided, to try and find the wild horses. There is supposed to be a herd of, between 80 & 200, wild horses, that have been in the Aus area for a hundred years or so. Eve had mentioned that they can usually be seen, at sunset, near a waterhole at Garub, as it’s the only permanent water they can access in the region. We drove the 20 km’s or so, and cooked our dinner on a rise above the waterhole. We waited until nearly an hour after sunset, but unfortunately, they didn’t show. We had a lovely sunset, though!

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