Where to next? A Glimpse into Future Travel Plans


In a world rife with turmoil and uncertainty, the allure of travel remains undiminished.

While global conflicts and geopolitical tensions have cast shadows over some dream destinations, the aftermath of a pandemic has also brought about unprecedented challenges. Prices for goods, services, and travel have skyrocketed, prompting a shift in our wanderlust-driven itineraries. Amid these circumstances, our gaze turns towards the vast landscapes of Australia – not our initial choice, not even our third, but a destination of immense potential and allure.

Australia, a land as vast as it is diverse, beckons with its unique allure. While it wasn’t our primary option, the thought of exploring its stunning landscapes, rich ecosystems, and vibrant culture has grown on us. This is a journey we were intending to undertake, perhaps in about five years, aligning with our stage in life. With its expansiveness and diverse ecosystems, Australia presents a challenge worth embracing. From the lush rainforests of Queensland to the rugged Outback, each corner has a story waiting to unfold.

Our travel philosophy does not align with the typical packaged tours and resort experiences. We revel in the freedom to chart our own course, to soak in the sights at our own pace. This penchant for independent exploration lends itself to intimate connections with the places we visit. It grants us the luxury of time – time to capture countless photographs, to observe wildlife in their natural habitat, and to truly immerse ourselves in the moment. As an example of that, while in Namibia’s Etosha National Park, Kylie’s fascination with a herd of elephants proved insatiable, she took a few hundred photos, and had to be goaded into moving on! This after a few weeks, where we had already take seen countless elephants, and taken hundreds of photos of them! 😉

Our travel aspirations are grander than ever. We are looking towards a period of travel that will span a year or more. The planning and research are ongoing, with Option 1 holding steadfast in our hearts. The prospect of modification doesn’t deter us; instead, it fuels our determination to bring our dream to fruition.

In a world where uncertainty prevails, our longing to travel remains.

While the globe grapples with conflicts, tensions, and post-pandemic repercussions, Australia emerges as a compelling destination. Its untamed beauty, diverse landscapes, and promise of unique experiences captivate our imagination. Our upcoming journey, although not the original plan, embodies our spirit of exploration and independence.

As we continue to refine our plans, our first option remains hopeful, promising an adventure that will change, and challenge us, and allow Australia to be done a little later!

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