I got up early as it wasn’t raining & went fishing but didn’t catch anything. We packed up and were headed for Hells Gate which we were told only horses could get thru. 

The roads here were very rocky and there was lots of red dust, the trees on the sides of the road were also covered in dust.

We had to stop & build up the road so we could try to get thru, I picked up lots of rocks. We had lunch before we tried to get up the giant rock step.

Mum took photos while I sat up in the front seat, it was awesome ! of course we made it no problems, but had to pull another car up

20110710-20110701_Cape-York_15-of-132.jpg (1024×683)

There are huge termite mounds all over the place.

It took us a long time to get thru the roads so we stoped at the Quinkin Pub at Laura for the night, it was getting dark. It was very busy with other people and we all camped close to each other.

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