Southern Africa – Day 9 – Tsendze Rustic Camp, Kruger NP

An extra early morning this morning.

We went out, for an early morning scouting drive for animals, before heading back to the safari tent for breaky and packing up. We had only got about 50m from the gate before we encountered a pride of Lions, there were quite a few females with cubs. They we crossing the road & headed for the fence line. Spent a bit of time taking photos and watching them. Great start. We drove for around 2 hours and found various animals- plenty of elephant, zebra, antelope species, but the best was a pack of wild dogs (we actually saw 2 lots over the morning) – they are very rare & it is asked that you record the GPS coordinates for tracking and advise the authorities.

We crisscrossed the lower park, taking the dirt back roads and away from the crowds, pulling in a various view points along the way. It is very dry & not much water in the river beds.

We crossed a bridge going over a river crossing- do not remember the name of it, but there was water… so we drove up to the viewing point. There were herds of elephant and various wild life. While we were checking out the view – we hadn’t closed our doors and some Vermot monkeys went into the car through the passenger’s side grabbing the tissues in the console before escaping through the drivers side, luckily they didn’t take any of the camera equipment siting on the back seat. We closed all the doors and made a note to remember to do so in future – as well as having the windows up. We grabbed out binoculars for a better view & found hippo out of the water grazing!

We made it to our camp site for the night, Tsendze rustic camp site – has no power – only solar for the lights in the amenities. The sites are allocated, we found ours and unpacked. We have squirrels. The amenities are great – screened off for bugs, toilets are clean & they have indoor & outdoor showers – where the squirrels can perv on you.

There was a camp kitchen which had gas hot plates & washing up facilities.

Our camper has red lights – which are supposed to keep the bug attraction down… this didn’t work with the cicadas’, one in particular had a death wish, it kept flying into the fridge area, David would get up and flick it away, it then came back again- this went on for a good 10 minute – was highly entertaining for Brendan and myself who were in hysterics watching this battle.

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